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The people behind ParsePort

ParsePort was founded in 2009 by Michael Krog (former CEO of pan-Nordic distributor Boston Distribution and EMEA director of gaming peripherals manufacturer SteelSeries) and Kim Eriksen (former product manager for Danish distributor GS Scandinavia and Nordic sales manager at 3Dconnexion – a Logitech company). The people within ParsePort have all been employed on one or usually more levels within the sales chain – being reseller, distributor and/or vendor level. We have all experienced the challenges in the reporting scenario and the main drive for creating ParsePort has been to minimize workload for all parties while still providing highly effective intelligence


In 2011, ParsePort expanded our portfolio to include data conversion for the financial sector using the XBRL data language.


ParsePort is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and thereby operates on CET timezone enabling us to perform time-critical updates for both Europe, USA and Asia.


ParsePort was profitable from first year and despite our young age, we are AA-rated and have never utilized any credit facilities.